Netflix Is Impacting The Future of Your Tech Career And You Didn’t Even Know It 💡

Credit Pearson
Credit Kristen Sadler

Is it like computer science? A little, but not that much.

How about graphic design? Again, yes, but not really.

Oh, is it business related? It can be involved, but also no.

Answering questions like these is extremely common and sometimes confuses others even more, but why is this? Many students are following conventional career paths, which is not in any way substandard, considering some of my most intelligent and talented family members and friends are future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and more.

Graph outlining increasing chess sales since release of Netflix show “The Queen’s Gambit”
Credit Tom Beland
Episode “Nosedive” of Black Mirror in which humans could rate others based on daily interactions
Credit iConcept



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Mira Patel

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