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The impact of technology in the healthcare field has been extraordinary, let’s look more into one of the most innovative mainstream, lifestyle focused technologies — the smartwatch

The Smart Behind The Smartwatch

Smart watches are portable devices that are designed to be worn on your wrist with a touchscreen. Around 2013, when Pebble, the first start-up and company in general released the first smartwatch, silicon miniaturization advancement came into play and then opened up the doors to bigger manufacturers to create more advanced smartwatches with more sensors and trackers, such as ones with more extreme purposes.

There are many different…

Because “Accessible Design is Good Design.” — Steve Ballmer

One billion people, or 15% of the world, suffer from some form of a disability. A disability is defined as a condition in which one is impaired relative to the usual standard of an individual and refers to physical, sensory, cognitive and intellectual impairments, mental illness and several types of chronic diseases. Whether mild or severe, oftentimes, disabilities can negatively impact body structure and function, activity and/or participation. It’s for this reason assistive technologies exist.

Assistive technology enables and promotes inclusion and participation for people with disabilities and is designed to…

***important to note — this article was written before the Model S and Model X Plaid were announced, there is currently not enough online information about these models for further discussion on said models

Over the past two decades, digitalization has altered our daily lifestyles and has proven to have a grand impact on each of the products and services around us. Whether it’s amusement parks, school environments or grocery shopping, we as humans have instilled a deep trust in the digital world and heavily depend on digitalization for a convenient, efficient user experience. …

I will be performing a heuristic evaluation on the latest innovation in technology, the Fitbit Ace 3, a smartwatch designed for children ages 6 and up, and how this device should be the one piece of technology your child needs this summer.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a person whose experienced first-hand technology grow at an exponential rate. We’ve watched chalkboards turn into smartboards, the hours spent with the Nintendo DS turn into hours spent playing iPad games and Scholastic library book fairs turn into flipping pages on the Kindle E-Reader. …

Living in a world dependent on copious amounts of media and technology, a variety of new tech careers are just sauntering into the limelight, but the light shone upon them is dim; read more to discover how we can inspire future generations capable of taking on the jobs of the future.

Credit Pearson

Belated Beginnings

Entering the foreign territory of my Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction class that I took on a whim during my second year of college enlightened me and evoked novel feelings of enthusiasm, helping me develop a growth mindset for my newly discovered passion. …

Mira Patel

Aspiring Designer & Assiduous Student — living life by her very own blueprint

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